【The Culturist 推介】如果耶穌生在香港?

藝術家曾皿堅Kenneth Tsang Painter 創作了油畫《如果聖誕在香港》,思考耶穌如果生於今日香港會怎樣?





【The Culturist Recommation】The Adoration of Magi in Hong Kong

Astist Kenneth Tsang’s work, named The Adoration of Magi in Hong Kong, would love to raise “what would happen if Jesus were to be born in Hong Kong today?”

We rarely think about what actually happened on the first Christmas two thousands years ago – a woman, heavily pregnant, traveled on a donkey for days because of an order for census which require everyone to return to their hometown. One night in this harsh journey, she and her husband couldn’t find a place to stay because everywhere was full so they had to spend the night at a noisy, dirty and smelly manger with a bunch of animals.

If this situation happened in Hong Kong, Mary and Joseph would probably have to stay at a cheap motel with one of those 純粹租房 (“purely room renting”) signs on the fifth floor of a rundown building with no lift in Shum Shui Po.

Hong Kong people has been going through a tough period – we have the most expensive housing in the world, the longest working hour, and our political tension is growing. In this mess, our way out is not to escape but to love, starting from the person near you. The stark contrast made me rethink the way we celebrate Christmas.

“Lets celebrate differently this Christmas!” Kenneth said.