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今年香港 #水墨藝博 開幕,約50家畫廊或藝術機構參與,台灣藝術家 #劉國松 蒞臨開幕。

Ink asia2017-08
Eric Leung

Ink+ 部分策展人梁兆基 #EricLeung 找來了十多位藝術家,以「浮世」為主題,透過藝術家的行空奇想和大膽創造,探討人與世、城市與大自然、科技與社會的關係,呈現水墨藝術的當代意境,他們探索水墨相關的媒介,其中包括裝置、攝影等,探討水墨藝術的伸延性,展現各種游走於水墨邊緣的實驗。

“the culturist live “

Ink Asia, Hong Kong’s most anticipated ink art event of the year kick off yesterday, around 50 galleries and art organizations participate in the art fair.

To inspire innovation and broaden artistic vision in ink art, 14 artists from Hong Kong , China and Taiwan have been invited to exhibit their alternative ‘Ink’ works in the special project ‘Ink+’ organized by INK ASIA 2017.

They ingeniously interpreted ink elements and ideas into inventive contemporary works that still contain the essence of literature by using refreshing and non-traditional media. These works include videos, new media, installations and sculptures etc.

「水墨藝博 Ink Asia 2017」
地點:灣仔會展Hall 5B