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「 我希望透過作品去捕捉情感上的剪影,並喚起觀眾的共鳴。」-Mike Dargas

藝術家Mike Dargas在Opera Gallery舉辦其首個亞洲個展《治癒美人》(Healing Beauty),展出15件作品,探討柔弱以及女性身份象徵的議題。

第一次來香港的Mike接受了 #文化者 專訪,細訴他的繆思。「美的女孩給我靈感與力量,尤其是她們蜜糖、朱古力醬這些甜美液體在她們身上流動,我覺得很性感美麗。」Dargas將液體物質融入畫像,為肖像畫中的人物披上一層薄衣,懸掛中的液態使人物更顯活靈活現,模仿攝影手法捕捉一𣊬即逝的美感。

Mike說,他的模特兒包括女友,每次創作都着她們不要化妝,只簡單塗上口紅和睫毛液便行。「我要畫女性美麗的皮膚質感,不要畫濃妝艷抹下的面具。」Mike 說。

Mike Dargas《治癒美人》藝術展
日期: 1月19日至 2月9日
場地:中環雲咸街52號W Place
開放時間:星期一至星期六: 上午10時至下午7時

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【The Culturist Exclusive】

“I hope to arouse the audience’s resonance by capturing the emotional silhouettes through my works.” Mike Dargas

Artist Mike Dargas hosts his first Asian solo exhibition, Healing Beauty, at the Opera Gallery showcasing 15 of works featuring on his exploration the fragility of female and the feminine aspects of identity

Dargas, who came to Hong Kong for the first time, interviewed by #Theculturist , told us about his Muse. “The beautiful girls give me inspiration and strength, especially when the sweet liquid like honey and chocolate flowing on them, and I find it very sexy and beautiful.” Dargas incorporates liquid into his portraits and made his characters covered with a thin coat makes the characters in the portrait more lively. He also imitates the photography technique to capture the fleeting beauty.

Mike request his models include his girlfriend do not wear any make up during his creation just simply applying lipstick and mascara. “I want to draw the beautiful skin texture of women, do not draw the masks under makeup,” Mike said.

Mike Dargas Solo Exhibition “Healing Beauty”:
Date: 19 January to 09 February 2018
Venue: W Place, No. 52 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong
Opening Hours:
10:00 – 19:00 (Monday to Saturday)
12:00 – 18:00 (Sunday)
Free admission